Do you have all the information that you need?

From the management team, the ability to make decisions comes from knowing the current situation, the past and being able to predict the future. There’s only one sure way to do this – data. Annual trends and the economic situation are quite standard across the market, but your local market can have variances that are unique to your business. This is true both per development and company wide. 

When you launch a new development the first few months are critical. Generating interest and ensuring those ready to buy are signed up early on to support the release of further stages. Being able to see information about site visitors, enquiries referrals from Help To Buy will help you to make key decisions about the development as well as potential future developments. If interest begins to fall, be sure to have the contacts in your database to reinvigorate enquiries for the development.

Do you have access to this kind of information? Plot One allows you to report and inspect your business data from wherever you are. Log in and use our reports to get a better picture either across all developments or by individual development or phase.

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