Our recommended setup process

In order to run PlotOne efficiently, you will need to set up some screens in the system. Some are essential and others are dependent on how you use the system, others can be added at a later date if required. However, ideally, we recommend you set everything up upfront.

It is tempting to start to add plots and developments, but leave this until later (you will be glad you did!).

Here is our suggested setup order:

Highly recommended screens to complete on setup

1) Under the [Manage Developments] complete the following

[Plot statuses] Sold, Reserved, Awaiting release etc.

[Manage Phase Status]

[Manage plot build stage] From groundworks, to dry plaster and whatever suits your processes.

[Property types] Detached, Semi-detached, apartment etc.

[Room types] Wetrooms, living rooms, external areas etc

[Manage rooms] The actual rooms – Master bedroom, bedroom 2, Ensuite 1, Family bathroom etc. You could also include ‘Garage’.

[Manage floors] The floors within a house, Ground Floor, First Floor etc.

[Manage apartment floors] What floor any apartments your build might be on.


Remember, don’t start to add plots and developments yet! Not much longer!

2) Under the [admin] tab, try to complete the following screens in full:

[Company Information] Your web address, tel numbers etc, used on auto-generated docs and email footers.

[Manage Timber Frame Types] If you use this method of build.

[Price list settings] Here you decide which status of plots show on your price lists, and which have prices.


3) Then, if you have time  you should add:

Then add choices and extras (if you can/have them). In [Choices and Extras], you need to create:

[Choices types] such as tiles, flooring etc

[Extra types] such as plug switches etc

[Choices] specific choices such as a specific worktop or tile.

[Extras] such as specific wardrobe upgrades etc. Don’t forget to add both normal prices and potential incentive costs.

[Resource types] such as manuals for white goods or estate contract documents.

[Resources] the actual resources, the manuals for the boiler or the agreement for the estate maintenance.

…Then add developments and plots.

You can clone them once you have them set up. Its easier to clone them with all choices, documents etc already uploaded so you don’t have to repeat this process for each development/plot. It may be best to add the below items before too, but it isn’t essential.

More things to do… before adding contacts…

There is also a range of screens to configure under ‘admin’ including appointment types, reasons for move, inactive reasons etc. Add these before adding any contacts, ideally. We need to add your source code manually currently, please provide these to us to add.

You should also add your partners (especially solicitors as you’ll need this for reservations, but contractors can go in later if necessary).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking at the demo may also help.