How does Plot One support GDPR?

GDPR is hugely important and we applied some new features when it was introduced to support sufficient data processes. Each contact must have contact preferences. They should be added when a customer is added to the CRM.

If a contact is auto-added via your website or Rightmove etc

Then this information will be asked for by the web form and added to the CRM

If your sales team add contacts

They MUST ask the contact for their preferences. These are added in the ‘add new contact’ screen and can be altered whe editing.

A log is kept of every preference change and when it was added and by whom.

Campaign Monitor

If you integrate with Campaign Monitor, your ‘opt-outs’ will be taken from campaign monitor and added to the CRM. If someone options out of all list, they will be auto-removed from all communications by email.

In CM you can allow customers to opt-out of specific lists, rather than entirely. Plot CRM also supports this.