Make sure you’re in the loop

Full time staff on site is often the luxury of large or national home builders. Most developers rely on part time staff or even agencies to run their show rooms and site offices which can lead to issues around sharing information. Working on paper has advantages, but there is always the risk of loosing notes or the team forgetting to update information when they are busy.

Plot One offers lots of features to ensure your team, full time or part time, are sharing information and working productively:

Development Calendars

One online calendar used by the entire team. The calendar includes categories of events with all the information you need such as the relevant plot, contact and team member with quick links to detailed information about the customer and their reservation.

Access to specific developments

If you’re working with a specific team or perhaps an agency on one of your developments, but don’t necessarily want them to have access to your other developments or contacts, you can use Plot One’s privileges tools to specify who can access what and how. A god send for data protection and GDPR requirements!

Assign tasks to developments, not people

When a team are sharing the load, assigning a task to a single individual just doesn’t make sense. In Plot One you can set a task for an individual or the whole development team. That way, anyone can pick it up, making sure things get done on time and keep your customers updated.

Keep in the loop

Interactions, tasks and messaging is all inside Plot One CRM, so if you need some information you can find it and quickly. No need to wait for the team member’s next working day; quickly see all the interactions your team has had with a specific customer or plot.

For more information about how Plot One can help your business, get in touch today: 01243 389713.