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Bean release notes

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Version 1 – 5th December 2019


Go live steps for pushing the Bean release of the Plot 1 live.


This release will require a small amount of downtime to the CRM as database changes are required for this release.

Database Configuration changes

Add additional fields to the field collections ‘field_contact_telephone’ and ‘field_contact_email’. – This allows for adding notes/additional contact information,  against individual contact, contact details, like ‘daughter’

Changes / Improvements

  • [CRM] Added drop-down menus for messages and tasks button in the header bar.
    Quick links to these pages from the menu bar.
  • [CRM] Task free contacts report
    To allow you to search for contacts that currently have no tasks assigned to them. Found under ‘task’ icon in the menu bar.
  • [CRM] Add notes field against contact method details.
    A new field to allow you to make notes about a specific telephone number and avoid eg: ‘01234WifeMobile’ in number fields
  • [CRM] Added ‘My Tasks’ dashboard view.
    A view of the current logged in user’s tasks on the dashboard.
  • [CRM] Weekly/monthly, Long-range reports have better formatting of values.
  • [CRM] Prompt to create a new task when completing a task.
    To allow for further control over processes, the user is asked if they would like to create a new task, as they complete one.

Bug fixes

  • [CRM] Fixed the long-range report which could lead to wrong plots coming out in the report.
  • [CRM] Fixed the Weekly/month report which could lead to wrong plots coming out in the report.
  • [CRM] Removed the cancelled reservation section from the weekly/month report.
    May be reinstated in the future if a reliable methodology can be applied.
  • [CRM] Pass contact ID when adding a task for contacts on the tasks tab.