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The first CRM to offer marketing, sales, progression and customer care all in one.

A complete picture.
The power to make decisions.

Plot One was created to answer a problem property developers face every day. Sharing information across multiple teams and disciplines is tricky, but crucial in order to ensure your processes are slick and your customers are happy.

High value, very personal purchases like a home, deserve a high-quality customer service experience, which is only possible when your team is kept completely informed.

Plot One puts your team in the best possible position to increase sales, streamline your progression processes and deliver outstanding customer service.

Introduction to Plot One Homebuilder CRM

Plot One A cloud solution

A cloud solution, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Plot One is an online software solution holding all your data in one secure location. Your team can access the information they need from the office, from the showroom or on-the-go.

Fully integrated, enquiries from Rightmove and your website are automatically imported ready for your team to follow-up.

A complete sales cycle

Sales & Marketing

Marketing intelligence to help your team to chase the right lead, follow-up at the right time and provide the information they need in order to close the deal.

Sale Progression

Comprehensive sales progression tools to support your team in pushing a reservation through to exchange and completion. Allowing your site teams instant access to plot status, choices and extras to allow them to work efficiently on site.

Customer Care

Support your homeowners beyond moving day with defect reporting, management tools and access to online resources to make their settling-in period a stress-free one. Provide your team with one-stop access to cases, including third parties and contractors that you might work with.

Just some of Plot One’s features

Plot One offers a wide range of features to support your teams through the sales process and belong.


Enquiries imported directly from Rightmove and your website. Easy to integrate with thorough source tracking.


A complete picture of your communication with your customers. Great for teams to share the load and excellent oversight for sales managers.


Set tasks to ensure your sales process runs smoothly. Automated and work-flow based tasked keep everything running smoothly.

Development Calendars

Know who's visiting when and be prepared for their visit with quick access to all their details. Manage the diary as a team and ensure everyone knows what in store for the day.

Send beautiful emails

Fully integrated with Campaign Monitor to build lists and create beautiful campaigns that convert enquiries into site visits and purchases.


All the information your teams need to work productively in the office, on-site or on-the-go.

Sales Progression

Collect all the information you need to take a reservation through to exchange and completion. Multi-stage processes that ensure the right information is in place to prevent any issues or delays.

Choices and Extras

Allow your customer to access your home buyer portal where they can make their choice selections and also order standard and customer extras that you make available to them.


Happy customers are your best advocates! Don't fall at the final hurdle, communication effectively with your customers and resolve any issues they encounter quickly and professionally.


Plot One pricing is designed to give you cost-effective CRM capability to meet different levels of requirement. You can upgrade if you need to. Enterprise level pricing can be provided on enquiry.

CRM 0 - 100 Plots

£ 399

Per Month
  •  Integration with Rightmove and Website
  •  Interactions, Tasks and Development Calendars
  •  Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Reporting
  • Sales Progression
  •  Build Reports

CRM 101-200 plots

£ 499

Per Month
  •  Integration with Rightmove and Website
  •  Interactions, Tasks and Development Calendars
  •  Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Reporting
  • Sales Progression
  •  Build Reports

CRM 201-1,000 plots

£ 599

Per Month
  •  Integration with Rightmove and Website
  •  Interactions, Tasks and Development Calendars
  •  Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Reporting
  • Sales Progression
  •  Build Reports

CRM 1,000 - 2,500 plots

£ 699

Per Month
  •  Integration with Rightmove and Website
  •  Interactions, Tasks and Development Calendars
  •  Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Reporting
  • Sales Progression
  •  Build Reports

Customer Portal Bolt On

£ 200

Per Month
    • Defect Reporting and Customer Care
    •  Customer Choices
    •  Extras and Custom Extras
    •  Customer Care Reporting
    •  Site Manager Reporting

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about Plot one. If you don't find the answer you're after simply get in touch and we'll talk you through any questions.

What is Plot One?

Plot One is a web based CRM that holds all your information about customer, developments, plots and bring them together to allow your team to work efficiently. From Marketing through Sales and Aftercare, Plot One has everything you need in one CRM system.

Do I install Plot One on my computer?

No, Plot One works on a Software As A Service (SAAS) model. You pay a monthly fee to access and use the tool online. The data is always your own, we ever own this. If you want to stop using Plot One, you can cancel your account with 3 month’s notice.

I already have a CRM, can you help me move to Plot One?

Absolutely. All we need is an export of your data and we can ‘map’ it across to Plot One’s database. Depending on the system you have we may need to charge for this service (please enquire for more info). We always suggest that its best to undertake a data cleanse before importing data. You can do this yourselves or we can recommend a parter to do it for you.

Who built Plot One and what experience do you have?

Plot One was built working alongside several home builders and with input from team members working in customer care, marketing, sales and on site. We built the CRM with something to benefit everyone and we’ve tried and tested it to ensure it delivers too!

Do I get access to new features as you build them?

Yes you do! If we build a new tool or feature you will instantly have access to it once launched, as long as your subscription level allows you access to that areas of Plot One.

Do I have to use all of your features?

No. We’ve built Plot One so that you can decide which bits you use and don’t use, however we strongly recommend using all features to ensure you get the best out of Plot One.

Can I get Plot One to look like my brand?

Yes! We can upload your logo and change some of the colours to reflect your brand. There may be a small charge if you have very specific requirements.

How much can I control myself?

We want you to be able to manage as much as possible yourselves. Plot One allows you to manage your developments and plots as well as controlling elements within them such as property types, marketing source lists, floors, rooms etc.

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